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Until Death Do Us Apart…

Hubster and I got married in 2007 at a private ceremony, in 2008 we had a big wedding & reception for our families and friends.

I made everything… decorations, food, and bridal party gifts. My sister blogged about some of the wedding gifts I made for my bridal party last summer.  I embroidered tank tops for the girls to wear beforehand, made earrings for the wedding, two styles (one for the junior bridesmaids and two of the bridesmaids and longer ones for my bridesmaids who can handle the length of the chandelier earrings), gave them a pashmina, and put together a survival kit for the weekend. I did purchase my flower girl a raw pearl necklace, since she’s too young for earrings.

Embroidered Bridesmaid Tank

Embroidered Bridesmaid Tank

Junior Bridesmaid Earrings

Junior Bridesmaid Earrings

Below are the program fans, flower arrangements, and centerpieces I made. The few days before the wedding, my family and friends helped out to bring it all together. My sister and her partner folded all 150 cloth napkins into a bishop’s hat with the directions we found at this website.

Program FansUnity Candle & Flower ArrangementsCenterpiece

Bridesmaid Survival Kit:
I purchased a make-up bag in the wedding colors and filled it with essentials for an outdoor summer wedding. I included a travel pack of tissues, package of blotting papers, toothbrush, travel toothpaste, Tide-To-Go stick, safety pins, 7 sided nail buffer, french manicure set, etc… My junior bridesmaids received a purse in the wedding colors with more age appropriate things, lip-gloss with a heart-shaped compact, a sparkly toothbrush, and many of the things above…

My flower girl received a white ruffle purse, with a TY teddy bear, pearl necklace, small tiara, raw pearl necklace,and a pool blue sash for her white dress.

I would like to eventually post some of the recipes, more pictures, and craft directions. If you leave any questions you have on this post, I will reply to it.

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