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B Green, Be Happy

Last week, I was at a conference in Bloomsburg and I decided to stop by B Green Loft, a second-hand clothing store on my way out-of-town. I had donated some old clothing a month or so before and received store credit. The store just had their one year anniversary on Earth Day. I love the boutique atmosphere of the store and the clothes are all really cute; it’s not a hit or miss thrift store. While scouring the racks, I only noticed one of my dresses (that I never wore, but inherited from a friend), one tank, and my one skirt that remained in the store. I must have been in a blue mood, because I found two blue skirts, a blue dress (with original tags), and a blue baby-doll top. I had $6 store credit and paid $16 cash for my finds. When checking out, if you do not need a bag for your items, you get a 10¢ token to donate to either the local animal shelter or to Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. I, of course, donated it to BTE, having worked there during undergrad. Be Green Loft Preloved Clothes

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