Happy 7th Anniversary to My Hubster


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<3 Today is Hubster & my 7th wedding anniversary! <3

I’ve married my best friend, found my soulmate… I could use all these clichés. However, there is no combination of words that can express our love, our connection, our partnership. We’ve faced more obstacles than most do in their first 7 years, but our foundation is strong.Anniversary

Hubster, here are 7 unusual things that I love about you…

<3 You don’t notice the 5 inches I get chopped off my hair since it’s so long. If I try a new shampoo, you notice that my hair smells different.

<3 You usually pick out terrible movies at Redbox that you think I’ll like. Once in a while, you get lucky and pick exactly the one I wanted to watch.

<3 Sometimes we can’t drive in the car for longer than 5 minutes without getting irritated with one another. Other times, we can drive in the car for two days straight in perfect harmony.

<3 At home you tease me and pick on me about my silly blog, but then I overhear you talking it up to others.

<3 We dislike the same silly movies that many of our friends find hilarious and recommended.

<3 When you have a cold or your back is out, you simultaneously want to be babied and left alone.

<3 No matter how difficult life can get; when you kiss my forehead, temples, and eyelids, everything feels right in the world.

Blake Shelton’s lyrics on our bedroom wall art continues to act as our daily reminder, “GOD gave me you for the ups and downs / GOD gave me you for the days of doubt / And for when I think I lost my way / There are no words here left to say / it’s true, GOD gave me you / Gave me you…”

Young Wifey

Crochet Swaddling Blanket


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Friends of mine are due to have a baby next month. I purchased a gift off their registry, but needed to include something more personal and handmade. Earlier this week, I attended their shower and presented them with this crochet swaddling blanket. They have talented friends and received many wonderful homemade gifts.swad

I used a double-stitch, Lion Brand Baby Soft Yarn in pistachio, and size J crochet hook. 71 stitches across and 43 rows created this ultra soft and light-weight blanket. I hope their baby loves it. <3swad2

Young Wifey

Berry Business


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I love berries. Hubster & I decided it was finally time to work on incorporating berries into our garden.

Friends of ours have golden raspberry bushes in their garden that we’ve coveted for so long, and they’re given us a few canes to transplant. My parents have red raspberry bushes and spared a few canes to add to our garden. We have some black raspberry bushes growing on the steep bank along the road so Hubster dug them from the hill. All these raspberries were transplanted into our far raised garden bed.

We also purchased 3 dwarf blueberry bushes; 1 jelly bean blueberry bush and 2 peach sorbet blueberry bushes. While I’ve been resting my sprained ankle, Hubster planted them in the front of the middle raised garden bed.berrybusiness

We should figure out some netting or caging to keep the plethora of birds away from our new crops, but we’re just not that far yet. Hubster loves strawberries, but we haven’t built a proper strawberry box yet, so they might need to wait another year…

What type of berry is your favorite?

Yong Wifey

All-Star Chair Makeover


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We have lost several folding camp chairs over the years (they walk away), even with our names written with permanent marker on the tags (that get cut off) or back (which fades).

With the plethora of sports Pumpkin is involved in, our chairs get a LOT of use. So this all-star season we decided it was time for new ones.  We also needed a better way to personalize them, so it would be obvious if one of our chairs was walking away. I used a pencil to lightly trace a stencil onto the back, and then used a paint brush to fill in the outline with fabric paint.allstarchair

Maybe when Pumpkin is a MLB pitcher, we’ll add his number to the back.

How to you avoid losing your camp chairs?

Young Wifey

Summer Salad Round Up


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With daily temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s (Farenheit) it’s time for Young Wifey’s Summer Salad Round Up!

salad roundup

1.  Pepper Salad
2.  Tabbouleh
3.  Chickpea Salad
4.  Fresh Corn & Zucchini Salad
5.  Watermelon, Black Bean & Feta Salad
6.  Italian Cucumber Salad


7.   Radicchio & Edamame Salad
8.   Bruschetta Salad
9.   Classic Potato Salad
10. Berry & Feta Salad
11. Radish Salad
12. Pickled Cucumber Salad


13. Classic Italian Pasta Salad &Toppings Bar
14. Red Cabbage Salad
15. Creamy Dill Salad
16. Colorful Caprese
17. Chopped Greek Salad
18. Coleslaw

What is your favorite summer salad?